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European Handball Court of Arbitration A court of arbitration in the world of sport

Initiation of ECA Arbitration Proceedings - Conditions


To initiate proceedings before the ECA, any of the parties to a dispute shall send a statement of claim in duplicate to the ECA Office.

Such statement shall include:

  • The identification of the parties: names and addresses
  • The specific claims regarding the dispute
  • The requested compensation - if any
  • The request for the settlement of the dispute via ECA arbitration
  • The copy of the agreement, the contract provision*, statutes or regulations acknowledging ECA competence
  • Any document/evidence supporting the claims

Together with the statement of claim, the party requesting the settlement of the dispute by ECA arbitration shall nominate one (1) arbitrator from the ECA List of Arbitrators.

Finally, within seven (7) days following the receipt of the statement of claim by the ECA Office, a registration and advanced fee shall be paid by the party initiating the proceedings to the ECA.

This fee covers:

  • The registration expenses : €1,500
  • An advanced payment of ECA Office administrative costs and cash outlay (+VAT)
  • An advances payment of the arbitrators' fees and cash outlay (+VAT)


When national or European sport federations are competent to decide upon the dispute; all legal channels offered by those federations must have been exhausted before requesting an arbitration settlement by the ECA.

According to the Rules of Arbitration for the ECA, statement of claims concerning disputes decided upon by sport federations will be accepted if filed with the ECA Office within twenty-one (21) days from the date of the relevant decision of the sport federation.


Suggestion of contract provision to include in order to recognise the jurisdiction of ECA