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European Handball Court of Arbitration A court of arbitration in the world of sport

The Arbitrators of the European Handball Court of Arbitration: Independence and Professionalism

The ECA arbitrators have been chosen taking in consideration their knowledge and experience in sport and/or in legal matters. High standard lawyers, former international sport/handball athletes and persons involved in sport organisations constitute the group of arbitrators of the European Handball Court of Arbitration. The best competence has been gathered to solve any handball and sport issue.

ECA Council - The Administrative and Representative Body of the ECA

The ECA Council is the structure heading the ECA

Besides its representative function, it is responsible for the proper administrative handling of the ECA:

  • by offering administrative support to the arbitrators;
  • by assuring the coordination within the ECA and during the proceedings;
  • by verifying the respect of the rights of the parties and the application of the Rules of Arbitration for the ECA;
  • by securing the independence of the ECA. 

The ECA Council has three members:

  • Michele Colucci (ITA), President
  • Rémy Levy (FRA), Vice-President
  • Marta Utor (ESP), Vice-President

The ECA Council is assisted by the ECA office.

Picture Loicalves
ALVES Loic France
Picture Antebi Neu
ANTEBI Avi Tel Aviv, Israel
Picture Ayela Neu
AYELA SAMPER Carmen Alicante, Spain
Picture Bach
BACH Guido Vienna, Austria
BADŽIM Lovro Zagreb, Croatia
ROU Ionut Barbu Photo New
BARBU Ionut Romania
Photo Basinski
BASINSKI Hubert Poznan, Poland
Picture Bettenfeld Neu
BETTENFELD Jacques Longeville-les-Metz, France
BOZKURT Cumhur Ankara, Turkey
Picture Brcar New
BRCAR Tomaz Ljubljana, Slovenia
CANALS VAQUER Roger Barcelona, Spain
Civale Salvatore 1
CIVALE Salvatore Nocera Inferiore, Italy
CHAMPENOIS Jérôme Nantes, France
Picture Colucci Neu
COLUCCI Michele Overijse, Belgium
Crespo Perez Pic Small
CRESPO PEREZ Juan de Dios Valencia, Spain
CSÖRGITS Lajos Imre Szolnok, Hungary
Marius Devyzis Photo ECA New
DEVYZIS Marius Vilnius, Lithuania
Paulius Docka Photo ECA New
DOCKA Paulius Vilnius, Lithuania
Picture Durisinova Neu
DURISINOVA Maria Bratislava, Slovakia
Nomination Dziarnowska 141011
DZIARNOWSKA Agata Warsaw, Poland
Picture Emulins Neu
EMULINS Raimonds Jürmala, Latvia
Photo Gaitis 10.2011
GAILIS Atis Riga, Latvia
Picture Gallagher New
GALLAGHER Eoin Dublin, Ireland
Picture Grollios Neu
GROLLIOS Christos Thessaloniki, Greece
Picture Guerra New
GUERRA Nuno Aveiro, Portugal
Resume Gulevich Maxim (1) (1)
GULEVICH Maxim Russia
Picture Holmqvist
HOLMQVIST Jörgen Lund, Sweden
IGNATOVIĆ Marija Nis, Serbia
Picture Jenny Neu
JENNY Christian Meilen, Switzerland
Jonhsen Picture Neu
JOHNSEN Henrik Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo Joklik
JOKLIK Andreas Vienna, Austria
ROU Lucian Juganaru Photo New
JUGANARU Lucian Bucharest, Romania
Picture Korsic Neu
KORSIC Ales Pobegi, Slovenia
Photo OK
KRZYZANOWSKA Olga Lublin, Poland
KUDREIKA Siarhei Minsk, Belarus
Picture Langangen Neu
LANGANGEN Jan Erik Langangen, Norway
Smallerpic Wouter
LAMBRECHT Wouter Belgium
Picture Liedholm Neu
LIEDHOLM Fredrik Helsingborg, Sweden
Lindqvist Picture
LINDQVIST Ragnar Helsingborg, Sweden
MACHNIKOWSKI Karol Warsaw, Poland
Picturesmall Magyarady
MAGYARADY Peter Veszprém, Hungary
Mercer Picture
MERCER Andrew Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MÖDLAGL Thomas Vienna, Austria
MONSEN Eirik Oslo, Norway
Photo, Pirjo Ojala
OJALA Pirlo Järvenpää, Finland
Picture Olstein Neu
OLSTEIN Daniel Basel, Switerland
Picture Oz Neu
OZ Sevki Onur Ankara, Turkey
Photo AP Small
PALLOTTA Andrea Budapest, Hungary
Picture Pannekeet New
PANNEKEET Koos Tuitjenhorn, The Netherlands
RABU Picture
RABU Gaylor France
Fisnik Salihu Foto
SALIHU Fisnik Pristina, Kosovo
SASAEAC Flaviu Constantin Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Serc Eca 2102201701
ŠERC Maja Velenje, Slovenia
SKIVINGTON Glenn Bershire, England
SKORDIS Stefanos Nicosia, Cyprus
Alansoric JPG 104960
SORIC Alan Zagreb, Croatia
Picture Spielmann Neu
SPIELMANN Lynn Dudelange, Luxembourg
SRAMKOVA Libena Holesovice, Czech Republic
Picture Stoikos Neu
STOIKOS Evangelos Thessaloniki, Greece
Picture Straub Neu
STRAUB Philipp Evilard, Switzerland
Picture Panagiotis Neu
TSOGIAS Panagiotis Thessaloniki, Greece
Photo Vadzitis 10.2011
VADZITIS Edgars Aizkraukle, Latvia
Photo Vingris 10.2011
VINGRIS Aigars Riga, Latvia
Picture Warvasovzsky
WARVASOVSZKY Donát Kapolnasnyek, Hungary
Weatherill Picture Neu
WEATHERILL Stephen Oxford, Great Britain
Picture Wiig New
WIIG Marit Oslo, Norway
Julien Elsa

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ECA Council - The Administrative and Representative Body of the ECA

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Court of Arbitration

ECA Office
Hoffingergasse 18, 1120 Vienna

Tel.:  +43-1-80 151/444
Fax:  +43-1-80 151/449