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European Handball Court of Arbitration A court of arbitration in the world of sport

Welcome to the official Homepage of the European Handball Court of Arbitration

In 2008, a new court of arbitration offering a simple, efficient, and independent mean of disputes resolution in the world of handball and in the sport in general has been created: The EHF Court of Arbitration.

Arbitration is a more and more common mean to settle issues containing specific and technical characteristics and is particularly adapted to solve disputes arising in sport.

The European Handball Court of Arbitration has been granted all assets to answer handball or more generally sports conflicts. The European Handball Court of Arbitration organises arbitration in conformity with its legal status and following regulations that define the main different applicable rules during arbitration.

This website will provide you with all necessary information on this unique arbitration structure.

However, if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

European Handball Court of Arbitration
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1120 Vienna, Austria

Tel: 0043 180151-444
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